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Popular DIY Credit Repair Tools

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There are many different popular credit repair tools out there for credit card and other debt.

Many of these are simple and easy to do while others are a bit complex and take a bit of time.

Let’s start out with the most popular tool – Your credit report.

This is one thing that you need to have in order to start repairing your credit. You need to get a copy of this report by asking each of the reporting agencies for a copy of your report. Then scan over it for inaccuracies and wrong information that could be causing your problems.

There are also online tools that will help you both manage and track your credit card debt. This helps you to see exactly where you have been spending and how much you owe. This way you will have a current debt analysis at your fingertips.

There are also several tools to prevent identity theft in regards to credit cards. These tools such as freezing your credit report and credit report monitoring are a good way to make sure that your information is on the up and up and is completely accurate.

Our next tool is having a budget and sticking to it! If you can keep a balanced budget, you will also learn to do this with your credit card debt.

This will parlay into keeping your credit card debt well in hand. When dealing with credit card debt, something else that can be used when dealing with credit card debt or repairing credit is the secured credit card.

This will help to rebuild your credit as you pay off the balance each and every month on time and this will be reported to the credit bureaus as a positive. This is a good way to rebuild credit.

A FICO credit score estimator can give you some idea of where you stand as far as your credit score is concerned.

This can usually tell you what type of credit score that you have in general. This should show you where you stand as opposed to the ratings of excellent, good, fair and poor as per the credit bureaus are concerned. This gives you a beginning to start from when looking at where you rank at the present time.

Negotiation is another tool that can be used to get your debt down in order for you to pay off the balance in a decent amount of time.

These tools are all useful when dealing with credit repair.

When used properly, they can help you to begin to repair your bad credit and turn it into good credit.

There are far more tools that are available than have space to be listed here in this article.

Bear in mind that this is not a quick fix, these tools will help you to turn your credit back around, but it usually takes about six months to a year for your credit to become clear and start to rise back up from a poor rating.

How to get a payday loan with bad credit

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Hi, guys! Long time no see.

Here are my thoughts on a very popular topic – payday loans.

Please read and say what you think.

Sometimes there are moments when a person feels as though they need to have something, or to make a major purchase for oneself or for someone else and needs to purchase it right then and there.

We’re all humans, we do it unintentionally.

It’s nothing that’s wrong with us, it’s because we have a strong urge or desire for certain things, whether it is for ourselves or for someone else.

The point is, you can now help yourself by seeing what options are available with financing. Often times if it’s your first time, you have no credit. You are at the same stage as someone with bad credit.

Luckily, over the past several years the consumer market has been invaded by websites like FastLoansNearYou providing payday loans for people with bad credit or no credit.

Just because you have some problems or faults on your credit report, or had some personal problems that affected your income stream, does not disqualify anyone from locking on a good rate for a personal loan.

There are some restrictions as to giving personal loans to people with bad credit. For example, in the United States, the minimum restriction is that you must be of at least 18 years of age and a US citizen.

Along with that, many require that the borrower make a certain amount per month and maintain a healthy and active checking account at reputable and well-known banks.

Not all lenders are so tight as to who they approve, and some may require no documentation or proof of income. These are very helpful for someone with bad credit and require very little approval time.

Some even have become so fast that within an hour you can have the entire amount deposited into your bank, mostly some allow access within a day. The amount of the loan will depend largely on part of your application as well as your occupation history.

If you have zero credit and many faults with your record, don’t be expecting to take out a lot without incredible fees.

That’s the catch, the service fees or even rollover payment fees. However, they often are limited by state and federal laws as to how much they can claim in funds and under what conditions they may lend money.

The reason for this is because the cost of filing a small loan for a person with no credit or bad credit can almost be equal to the cost associated with filing a much larger personal loan, such as for a home or car.

The best reason to use or apply for a bad credit loan is so that you can once again rebuild your credit history for future loans.

Make sure to read over the clauses and fine print of the entire application before actually accepting or applying for a bad credit loan.

If you are approved you should always be extremely careful with taking out only what you need and playing it safe for the first few months, after a while, after proving yourself good you can also ask for a raise in the limit and start applying for other credit loans.

I had the same thing here in Ohio

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I had the same thing here in Ohio, despite the fact that I was ahead $400 ahead in my payment. They took another $500 from my state return. When I call the CSC I just get the usual run around. I tried to explain that it is impossible for me to get behind in my payments since it’s taken directly from my paycheck. I was even willing to show them my paycheck stubs.

To add insult to injury, an additional fee is tacked on to each of my payments which total around $400 a year for this “wonderful” service that the CSC provides.

I have the same problem as you

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I have the same problem as you – I had my federal tax refund completely “held and had $233 out of $322 “held from my California state tax refund which comes to a total of $2,033.

The child support agency is claiming that I owe when as a matter of fact I was having child support being deducted from my paycheck after my ex had left the state and I had full custody, all together child support owes me $2,633.

Now I need to apply for payday loans (I usually do it here or here and so should you) as I have nobody to ask for help. I have told this to my lawyer and tried to talk with child support but they said that they couldn’t talk to me because I was represented by a lawyer, I then told my lawyer that in order for me to pay him that he needed to get child support to reimburse me, it has almost been a week and tomorrow am going to call my lawyer once again and also am going to try to reach a local state senator or representative and will write a letter to the local paper and if I have to I will take an ad out.

Sometimes it is nice living in a small community.

Advice Needed

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I have an account with Bill Me Later, which is an online credit company that lets you buy things and pay later. The problem is that I lost my job 6 months ago and I am no longer able to pay the minimum that they are asking. I also explained to them my situation and I still get bills. I have already issued them a do not call letter and I haven’t had any calls for three months. What can I do because I desperately want this to be over with? I am not sure if anyone here has an account with them, but I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Savings Accounts Online

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Has anyone used Emigrant Direct for savings? They offer 5% interest. Would love to hear from anyone that has had dealings with them or other suggestions.

If that is the same as ING Direct, I use them…. I’ve had no complaints about them. My sister has been using Emigrant for some time now and has been pleased with it. ING is similar but a different bank.

Emigrants Direct and ING Direct are two different companies. I also use ING Direct and have no complaints.

I Have accounts both with ING direct and Emigrant direct. When I first opened an account I chose ING. It had a lower interest rate than Emigrant,but i heard that setting up Emigrant was a nightmare. It has gotten much better since then so last month I set up an account with them. It was very easy and the rates are better.

Emigrant Direct %5.15

ING Direct %4.40

You will be happy either way. 2 great banks.

The bank you are referring to is Emigrant Direct ( in Ossining, NY 1-800-836-1997. I use Emigrant Direct, they currently pay 5.15% on your money in the savings account that is linked to your checking account, no minimums. I have been very pleased with them over the last year that I have had an account with them. They are a real bank in NY, there was an article written about them in Barron’s Magazine in 2005. There are two more banks that I know of HSBC Direct ( pays 5.05% and ING direct ( pays 4.4%. I have accounts with all three but the best one is emigrant direct for ease of use and pays the highest interest rate on the deposit money.

I got a notice this week that my ING savings account was now at 5.20%. Seems like them, HSNB and Emigrant all have much better rates than my Chase Bank savings, which is VERY low.

are these “online banks” ? Can someone tell me how they work? thanks

ING is a online bank. You can go to their website. When you open a savings account with them, you link it to a savings account. Within a couple of business days, they will make a small deposit into that checking account (just a few cents), you then go back to their website and enter the amount of the deposits. You can either set up automatic savings deposits or just transfer money over when you want to.

I’ve been pleased with ING- I chose to go with them because someone gave me a referral code to get a free $25 when I opened up an account with $250. I do automatic withdrawals every two weeks and don’t notice when they are taken out, but it adds up over time. The interest rates keep going up every few months, and its convenient to use. The only drawback is that it takes a couple of days to make the funds accessible, but that works for me since it doesn’t let me get into my savings for a spur-of-the-moment splurge.

Right now, I am using ING to save up money to pay off a credit card that has 0% financing that expires in January. I figure I may as well earn interest on the money instead of paying it off early. I do have a couple of the referral codes, if anyone ever decides to go that route.

New budgeting ideas

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Just spoke about not having enough $$$ to buy a freezer . do you all know about freecycle ??? google it and it will get you to a national freecycle website . you can find groups in your state there … or to make it MUCH easier … look for them in yahoo groups . it is AMAZING what people will give away !!!!!especially if you live in a larger town /city / well populated county .people give away freezers all the time and plenty of other things to boot .

of course if you want to get rid of something , you can always ask there first , rather than throwing it in the dumpster or dropping it off at a thriftshop .

if there are more than one group in your area , join all ! i would recommend though to set your email preferences to indiviual emails . if you do digest by the time it finally gets to you its liable to be gone or spoken for . speed is imperative . honestly , check it out !!!!

what i have seen being offered : computers , cars , freezers ,, books , toys , clothes , furniture , food , bathroom decorations , christmas trees , fishtanks …. pets …cooking utensils … go join and start saving money by recycling !!!

freecycle is okay but it’s easier if you post a message telling what you need any giving a little information about why. right after my seperation i needed a bed so that’s what i did. when i went to get the bed frame the woman admitted that wihtout my message she’d have left the bed stored in her garage collecting dust.

also, check out big universities. i live about half an hour from Michigan State University. sometimes graduating seniors dump great stuff when they leave school cause it’s easier than hauling it all whereever they’re going. there’s also a store where the university sells off used furniture like desks, bunk beds, dressers, the odd bit of electronic gear, and even some mattresses. oh, and lots of bicylces. i think they also had phones, lamps, and things you’d find in dorm rooms that were replaced or left behind when students went home for the summer. i found th store listed in the phone book under the university heading.

We have a membership to costco

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We have a membership to costco and 2 teenage boys. talk about hollow legs! A lot of times it is fine to go with generic things, but we discovered early on it is better to spend more for some name brand products that DO taste better because it meant not only that our children would not waste food, but funny enough, they eat less because the better ingredients filled them up more than did the lesser priced who knows what is in it food. My mom-in-law also bought us a stand up freezer (love her!) a few years ago so when there is a sale, you can bet we are at the local grocery store buying and then freezing. milk freezes wonderful, just remember to shake it well when you unfreeze it, as ingredients settle. you can freeze almost anything.

recently discovered flour tortillas freeze great, and if you don’t want to slice cheese later, just grate it, it can be frozen also. eggs can NOT be frozen (interesting story with my children) and a few other things. buying in bulk at costco has saved us money. If you are in a city with local groceries, you save money on paper products and things NOT at costco, but otherwise, costco is the best. When the wednesday paper comes with the coupons, I make out a tentative grocery list for the week, subject to change. i take college classes a few nights a week and work during the day, so there is not a lot of time. Love the crock pot and making food for the freezer with instructions on heating it later. Stay away from pop and a lot of convenience microwave foods. Empty calories and everyone is still hungry. we are still learning!

eggs CAN be frozen !!!!! freeze the eggwhites in icecube trays , and when solid , put in freezer bags . i think the eggyolks will freeze if seperated and in milk . [ not sure about that though ] . but i just watched the foodchannel yesterday and that came up [ with the eggwhites ]

I started to look into this way of cooking but have decided (reluctantly) that I can’t do it. All i have is the small freezer with my fridge. It’s not big enough to hold enough food to last a whole month. there’s also no money to buy a freezer. But I can plan out menus to last a couple of weeks and buy enough to last that long. I also use the crockpot often. So nice after workign all day to come home to the wonderful smell of dinner cooking.

Have you ever thought about going to a school?

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Have you ever thought about going to a school …I know it sounds odd but they are Dr.s in their last year that need to do their practical I went for plastic surgery here in Canada and it was great and about a 10th of the cost should check it out if your comfortable with that they do have licenced Dr.s there with them and its all supervised…

hi donna i’ve read dave ramsey’s books and i too skipped around .i was alreadyu on the process of paying a couple of bills off then i started saving for the emergency fund…good luck and stay motivated… Well you asked for our thoughts so here goes. At the risk of offending you and possibly many other people, I’ll say that if you have as little financial acumen as you say, then having kids may not be the best thing for you in this day and age. There’s probably nothing more expensive than kids.

For starters, you’d better have your health insurance in good order. I have an employee who just had one and the hospital bill was over sixty-four thousand dollars. Fortunately our group coverage paid most of it, but this was for a perfectly normal birth. This birth invoice caused him to get a vasectomy. Things aren’t what they used to be even five years ago. Forget about college costs. I have only one there now and that’s why I’m lurking around here!

The two of you are just married. Maybe you should give it a little time before jumping in. The people I know who are just shy of making six figure salaries say that they can’t have kids because of the cost and those who do have only one unless they’re over 150k in household income. Certainly it can work out for you and I hope it does if you go ahead with it, but I’m less trusting of fate without good planning for the worst.

All the best to you and congratulations. I hope you understand that I have your best interest at heart as well as the interest of the new life or lives you’re planning.

I’m also new to the idea of getting out of debt

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I woke up a few weeks ago and realized that I’m over my head in debt.

I’m not defaulting on anything – it’s just that with just paying minimum payments, I never have any money left at the end of the month and I can never save for extra expenses so I keep having to charge things. I’ve decided I want to get out of debt as quickly as possible – it’s become a real issue for me.

I joined this website and I also purchased a book by Dave Ramsey, “The Total Money Makeover” (I’m not saying anyone should or shouldn’t read it). In his book, he recommends starting out by saving $1,000 for emergencies, then going to work on the debt. Once that’s done, you can go back and finish the emergency fund.

He does recommend budgeting for every expense and saving for those once or twice a year type expenses as well.

In my case, I’m going against one of his rules – I’m refinancing the house to incorporate the debt. I’ve thought long and hard over this – it’s a way for me to lower my outflow of cash (considerably) and free up that extra cash flow that I need to build up savings and then to be able to budget for all my expenses. I’ll have the emergency fund built up within a few months and can make extra payments on the house.

I’ve already been tracking my expenses and cut out all the unnecessary (almost all) expenses – I kept the internet and cable tv – everything else has been eliminated.

My plan is to not use the credit cards – close all accounts except one – another area he and I disagree on. He says to close them all and not have a single one – I remember my car breaking down a couple of years ago on the way home from vacation – I was far from home and by the time all was said and done, it cost me $450 to get on the road again – I would have been in serious trouble without that little plastic card.

I also plan to be more involved with my finances and accounts – not just pay the bills – I want to read more books and keep up with things a little better.

Okay, enough rambling – sorry.

I am new here too and am just on the start of the same journey as you.

We (dh and I of 13 years) have a personal loan that started out as a consolidation loan 10 years ago with a 5 year term but it keeps getting refinanced by rolling credit cards into it and buying different vehicles. I am just so sick of owing that bank money and I want to start saving for a house deposit (about $10K).

I too intend to keep our credit card for a while as we earn good reward points with it and I also use it to purchase our meat in bulk and things like flour, sugar etc. I am planning to pay it off and then hopefully save up for a good portion of the next bulk purchasing spree before it happens. With 3 children shopping with me at the supermarket there are too many temptations and I am not good at ignoring specials. Not really so special when they make me go over budget every week! So the plan is to avoid the shops and get things delivered in bulk, could be fun!

I would love to also get my emergency fund set up. Lots of planning to do.

New here and very motivated!

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Hello everyone. I’m newly married (less than three weeks), and I am so tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I’ve recently cut out a bunch of unnecessary stuff, and I can already tell a difference in my bank account. I do have a few questions though–and anyone who has any financial acumen, please feel free to advise because I have none!

I make pretty good money, but I haven’t been working very long (almost two years). I guess my main question at this point is this–I have several immediate financial goals, and I don’t if I should tackle one of them in earnest first (and if so, which one) or if I should chip away at all of them. Here is what I’m hoping to do:

  1. Save up about $5000 for a rainy day fund.
  2. Pay down about $7000 worth of credit card debt (about $6000 is already consolidated in bank loan, but I may need to see if I can find a lower interest rate anyhow).
  3. Buy a house (100% financing?).
  4. Save up for a surgery that isn’t covered by my insurance (this one is sort of time sensitive, and I may need to obtain a loan to cover at least part of it).

What are y’all’s thoughts?

My DH (stupidly) got a vasectomy a few years ago. The insurance was all too happy to pay for that, but they won’t even look at a reversal. He had two kids with his ex and thought he was done, but now we both want more. Price = $7,000-$12,000.

Your situation sounds very similar to ours. If I can be nosy, what is the surgery you are saving for? Mine is a abdominal hernia/ muscle repair with TT. My hernia is 10.6 inches..and it is very necessary…but insurance sometimes doesn’t touch these. Pricetag…..$10,000!!! YEOWWWW. How about u?

I was adopted at the age of 14 months. Three months preemie and ‘written off’ as a possibly to be severely handicapped child.

That adoption saved my life. I am nearsighted, but my GPA in college was 3.8. I’m not otherwise handicapped than the visual impairment.

I work in the Computer field, and was for a good part of my life a musician.

Barring all else, consider giving another kid a chance at having a normal life. My ‘Natural’ mother couldn’t cope in those days, but things are indeed a LOT different today. I call the Sutherlands my Mom and Dad, because they were the ones who raised me and all. They considered me their ‘Blood’ and never once was it thrown at me about being an adoptee.

I know I probably gave them gray hairs and did not make it easy for them, but that’s what ‘Family’ is all about. even though they’ve both passed on now, I remain ever grateful to them for what they gave to me.

It should be feasible to pay back the $10.000

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It should be feasible to pay back the $10.000,- in a couple of years. What I would try to do is refinance your debt complete, so try to get $4000,- from either your parents (in other words raise it to $10.000) or somebody else. If that is not possible refinance with a company like or something like that (just Google lower my debt or something). I would recommend paying your parents a market efficient interest rate like 5% or 6% to reward them for helping you.

Then assess what you can save per month to pay back your parents. Don’t spend any money on things you don’t need and be very strict to yourself in the first couple of month to show that you can do it (set targets, don’t buy $4 frappucino’s etc.). Every penny counts.

Try to lower your monthly bills. Plan your budget. And again, be strict.

what i did once was call to verify my interest rate. it was 25%!!! I told them i was surprised it was so high becuase my other cards are around 10.. a few at 6 and one at 0 (i didn’t say those were bc dh is military and deployed LOL) but she talked to her supervisor and lowered it to 14% and that was just by calling and asking.. worth a shot!

It’s usually best to go after the debt with the highest interest rate first. The higher the interest rate the more you end up owing. I’ve got a debt I’m trying to pay off but the interest alone consumes most of every payment so that sometimes less than $10 goes toward the actual debt. That means it will take me longer to get it paid off, probably years longer. Before you decide what to pay on look at how much interest each debt, loan, or bill will cost you.

Actually there are 2 predominant schools of thought and I chose a third option.

Option one, like Vivian wrote, choose the one with the highest interest rate. By doing this, you will save a tremendous amount of money in the form of interest expenses. But what if it has the highest balance?

Option two, Dave Ramsey’s baby steps. Pay off from least to most and get a snowball effect going. Great idea, in the long run, it may end up costing a whole lot more in finance charges, but you can still get through it.

Option three that I chose. I chose the one with the highest monthly minimum that I could pay off in the quickest time. That was my wife’s car. This freed up $400 a month to apply toward the option two. So, if you have the means through some kind of savings, windfall, or whatever, I suggest option 3. This gives you the good feeling that one is paid off and you are well on your way towards everything else.

We have roughly $10,000 debt

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We have roughly $10,000 debt from $4000 loan and about 6000 in credit card. My wife’s parents are going to give us $6000 to get cought up because we are always behind and so we end up paying late fees and over limit fees. Plus our mortage a.r.m. keeps going up. Our credit is already in the pooper. We would like to make this money stretch as much as posible because we have other bills too. ( medical, power, phone and so on) Question is, if we negoiate a settlement with the cc companies, will that hurt oure score even worse. My wife wants to pay off loan ecause it is 25% interst. I say that we need to deal with the credit cards because of the over limit and late fees. Also I have read that if your credit cards are max out, that hurts credit worse. So, should we try to just pay on balance or try to get settlement with the credit card companies ?

You can negotiate the percentage rate that your cards are at say 6.9% down to 3% and then tell them that you are willing to make a huge payment also if they say that they cannot ask to speak with their supervisor …all credit card companys will do this you have to be firm with them. I’ve heard of negotiating down the rate on cards but am not sure how to do it. I’d like to try that if I can- I’ve been with one card for 10 years and would like to stay with them, but with a lower rate. Do you have to have another card offer to use as leverage or can one negotiate successfully by making a large payment?

This is what I used….hope it helps:

Call your credit card companies, tell them you’ve got offers for cards at lower rates and ask them to lower your rate. If you’ve paid regularly, they are likely to negotiate. If the company says no, tell them that you will be closing your account this week and transferring your balance to a competitor who offers better rates. So there’s no doubt about your seriousness, tell them the name of the competitor you have in mind. (It shouldn’t be difficult to come up with a name, since you’re probably constantly getting applications in the mail from credit card companies who want you to transfer your balances to them.) Ask to speak with a supervisor. Supervisors have the authority to give you a lower rate right then on the phone. In many cases, you can cut your rate in half simply by asking.

Not sure what to say? Follow this sample script:

“I have [name of card] with you and my interest rate is [X] percent. I received another offer in the mail from [other bank’s name] for [X] percent, but before I take it, I want to see if you can lower my interest rate instead.”

If the representative says they’re not authorized to do that, you say:

“Look, you and I both know that if I transfer my balance today, next week your bank is going to send me an offer to come back at an even lower rate. Why don’t you just save the bank the cost of that effort by giving me several points today?”

If the rep says it’s not possible because your credit card is at a fixed interest rate, you say:

“Actually, that doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not you have the ability to lower my interest rate. A fixed interest rate only means that my rate doesn’t vary with fluctuations in the prime rate. In fact, the bank can raise it on my account at any time by just giving me 15 days written notice. And the bank can, if it chooses, lower the rate today.”

If the rep still says they’re not authorized to do that, you say:

“I’d like to speak to your supervisor.”

Then speak to a supervisor and follow the above script again.