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New here and very motivated!

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Hello everyone. I’m newly married (less than three weeks), and I am so tired of living paycheck to paycheck. I’ve recently cut out a bunch of unnecessary stuff, and I can already tell a difference in my bank account. I do have a few questions though–and anyone who has any financial acumen, please feel free to advise because I have none!

I make pretty good money, but I haven’t been working very long (almost two years). I guess my main question at this point is this–I have several immediate financial goals, and I don’t if I should tackle one of them in earnest first (and if so, which one) or if I should chip away at all of them. Here is what I’m hoping to do:

  1. Save up about $5000 for a rainy day fund.
  2. Pay down about $7000 worth of credit card debt (about $6000 is already consolidated in bank loan, but I may need to see if I can find a lower interest rate anyhow).
  3. Buy a house (100% financing?).
  4. Save up for a surgery that isn’t covered by my insurance (this one is sort of time sensitive, and I may need to obtain a loan to cover at least part of it).

What are y’all’s thoughts?

My DH (stupidly) got a vasectomy a few years ago. The insurance was all too happy to pay for that, but they won’t even look at a reversal. He had two kids with his ex and thought he was done, but now we both want more. Price = $7,000-$12,000.

Your situation sounds very similar to ours. If I can be nosy, what is the surgery you are saving for? Mine is a abdominal hernia/ muscle repair with TT. My hernia is 10.6 inches..and it is very necessary…but insurance sometimes doesn’t touch these. Pricetag…..$10,000!!! YEOWWWW. How about u?

I was adopted at the age of 14 months. Three months preemie and ‘written off’ as a possibly to be severely handicapped child.

That adoption saved my life. I am nearsighted, but my GPA in college was 3.8. I’m not otherwise handicapped than the visual impairment.

I work in the Computer field, and was for a good part of my life a musician.

Barring all else, consider giving another kid a chance at having a normal life. My ‘Natural’ mother couldn’t cope in those days, but things are indeed a LOT different today. I call the Sutherlands my Mom and Dad, because they were the ones who raised me and all. They considered me their ‘Blood’ and never once was it thrown at me about being an adoptee.

I know I probably gave them gray hairs and did not make it easy for them, but that’s what ‘Family’ is all about. even though they’ve both passed on now, I remain ever grateful to them for what they gave to me.