Have you ever thought about going to a school?

Have you ever thought about going to a school …I know it sounds odd but they are Dr.s in their last year that need to do their practical I went for plastic surgery here in Canada and it was great and about a 10th of the cost ..you should check it out if your comfortable with that they do have licenced Dr.s there with them and its all supervised…

hi donna i’ve read dave ramsey’s books and i too skipped around .i was alreadyu on the process of paying a couple of bills off then i started saving for the emergency fund…good luck and stay motivated… Well you asked for our thoughts so here goes. At the risk of offending you and possibly many other people, I’ll say that if you have as little financial acumen as you say, then having kids may not be the best thing for you in this day and age. There’s probably nothing more expensive than kids.

For starters, you’d better have your health insurance in good order. I have an employee who just had one and the hospital bill was over sixty-four thousand dollars. Fortunately our group coverage paid most of it, but this was for a perfectly normal birth. This birth invoice caused him to get a vasectomy. Things aren’t what they used to be even five years ago. Forget about college costs. I have only one there now and that’s why I’m lurking around here!

The two of you are just married. Maybe you should give it a little time before jumping in. The people I know who are just shy of making six figure salaries say that they can’t have kids because of the cost and those who do have only one unless they’re over 150k in household income. Certainly it can work out for you and I hope it does if you go ahead with it, but I’m less trusting of fate without good planning for the worst.

All the best to you and congratulations. I hope you understand that I have your best interest at heart as well as the interest of the new life or lives you’re planning.