I have the same problem as you

I have the same problem as you – I had my federal tax refund completely “held and had $233 out of $322 “held from my California state tax refund which comes to a total of $2,033.

The child support agency is claiming that I owe when as a matter of fact I was having child support being deducted from my paycheck after my ex had left the state and I had full custody, all together child support owes me $2,633.

Now I need to apply for payday loans (I usually do it here or here and so should you) as I have nobody to ask for help. I have told this to my lawyer and tried to talk with child support but they said that they couldn’t talk to me because I was represented by a lawyer, I then told my lawyer that in order for me to pay him that he needed to get child support to reimburse me, it has almost been a week and tomorrow am going to call my lawyer once again and also am going to try to reach a local state senator or representative and will write a letter to the local paper and if I have to I will take an ad out.

Sometimes it is nice living in a small community.