New budgeting ideas

Just spoke about not having enough $$$ to buy a freezer . do you all know about freecycle ??? google it and it will get you to a national freecycle website . you can find groups in your state there … or to make it MUCH easier … look for them in yahoo groups . it is AMAZING what people will give away !!!!!especially if you live in a larger town /city / well populated county .people give away freezers all the time and plenty of other things to boot .

of course if you want to get rid of something , you can always ask there first , rather than throwing it in the dumpster or dropping it off at a thriftshop .

if there are more than one group in your area , join all ! i would recommend though to set your email preferences to indiviual emails . if you do digest by the time it finally gets to you its liable to be gone or spoken for . speed is imperative . honestly , check it out !!!!

what i have seen being offered : computers , cars , freezers ,, books , toys , clothes , furniture , food , bathroom decorations , christmas trees , fishtanks …. pets …cooking utensils … go join and start saving money by recycling !!!

freecycle is okay but it’s easier if you post a message telling what you need any giving a little information about why. right after my seperation i needed a bed so that’s what i did. when i went to get the bed frame the woman admitted that wihtout my message she’d have left the bed stored in her garage collecting dust.

also, check out big universities. i live about half an hour from Michigan State University. sometimes graduating seniors dump great stuff when they leave school cause it’s easier than hauling it all whereever they’re going. there’s also a store where the university sells off used furniture like desks, bunk beds, dressers, the odd bit of electronic gear, and even some mattresses. oh, and lots of bicylces. i think they also had phones, lamps, and things you’d find in dorm rooms that were replaced or left behind when students went home for the summer. i found th store listed in the phone book under the university heading.